Technology Propels Us Forward.

Optimization through technology.

Where competitors see technology investments as costs, Hutt sees them as opportunities. Hutt’s strategy focuses on system optimization, providing their employees with the tools needed to perform their jobs quicker and more accurately. This leads to less mistakes, more throughput and quicker problem resolution. The money spent for technology becomes an investment, one with a quick return.

Green Technology

Green Technology

When you ship Hutt you’re making a better choice for your business and environment. Hutt is part of the SmartWay Transport program—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) initiative for cleaner and more efficient transportation options.

This innovative collaboration between the freight industry and government aims to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improve fuel efficiency, and strengthen the freight sector. SmartWay’s goal is “getting there with cleaner air.”

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Working together, we truly can make a difference. The EPA estimates the program will save 3.3 to 6.6 billion gallons of diesel fuel annually—equivalent to 150 million barrels of oil. That’s like taking 12 million cars off the road. And saving fuel means saving costs.

SmartWay shipping with Hutt is a wiser, more efficient way to deliver your goods. By doing so, you reduce demand for fossil fuels, contribute to cleaner, clearer skies and ensure a healthier environment for generations to come.

In combining fuel efficient tractors and trailers, Hutt is able to meet strict customer demands, pay higher than average driver rates to attract the best and still stay competitively priced in an ever changing transportation market.

Equipment Technology

Equipment Technology

Hutt continues to invest heavily in giving their drivers the best in tools while on the road. Currently all of Hutt’s fleet utilizes PeopleNet to track and monitor the progress of tractors, by actively reporting location, heading and speed. This system is directly linked to Hutt’s Transportation Management System and gives planners the ability to plan, monitor and track the status of any shipment.

Hutt also has the ability to remotely monitor and manage our entire fleet of refrigerated trailers.

Other remote tracking features include:

  • Real-time monitoring of reefer status including fuel consumption, operating state, temperature, alarms, battery condition, fuel level, door closure, trailer hooking and tire pressure
  • Two-way controls including the ability to turn reefers on or off, change temperature set points, clear alarms and more

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