Hutt earns SmartWay High Performer recognition from the United States Environmental Protection Agency

Published August 28, 2019

Hutt Trucking Co., Inc. was recognized as a SmartWay High Performer by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s the third year in a row the company earned the award, given to transportation partners who achieved significant shipping and freight efficiencies.

The EPA developed the SmartWay program in 2004 to create a system for tracking, documenting and sharing information about fuel use and freight emissions. It also provides guidance for companies searching for more efficient freight carriers who support energy security and offset environmental risks.

Hutt became a partner in the SmartWay program in 2008, showing the company’s long-term, sustained commitment to energy conservation and the environment. Since joining, Hutt has exceeded expectations, receiving three awards from the EPA.

“We are honored to be recognized as a SmartWay High Performer by the EPA again,” said Jim Hutt, owner and CEO of Hutt Trucking. “At Hutt, we work hard to ensure our company focuses on efficiency across the board to meet and exceed all shipping and freight standards to best serve our clients.”

To qualify, SmartWay companies submit efficiency and air quality performance data to the EPA annually. The data is analyzed and divided into five performance ranges. Performers with high scores in efficiency and air quality are recognized.

“At our core, our entire team understands the importance of monitoring fuel use and freight emissions,” Hutt said. “We’re grateful for this award, and we know we need to continue to operate this way to provide the best for our customers and the environment.”

The SmartWay High Performer award is the second award Hutt earned this summer. In June, the company earned the 2019 Business Excellence Award by the Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce.

About Hutt

Hutt is the West Michigan leader in transportation, logistics and warehousing of dry, refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen products. Originally founded in 1985, Hutt started as a small trucking business hauling refrigerated and frozen food products across the east coast. Today, Hutt offers end-to-end supply chain solutions while consistently delivering value to customers, employees and the local community.