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Founded in 1985, Hutt Trucking Company began as a simple, small trucking business hauling refrigerated and frozen food products to the east coast.

After more than 30 years of hard work and dedication, Hutt has evolved and established itself as a leading supply chain services provider in West Michigan offering trucking, deep frozen warehousing, and third-party logistics services.

Hutt is unique in that it offers end-to-end supply chain solutions, not just a single service. With over 200,000 square feet of predominantly deep-frozen warehouse under management in West Michigan today, and a late-model fleet of over 50 trucks and 120 trailers, Hutt has every aspect of your supply chain handled.

Through their innovative approach, Hutt is able to leverage their deep frozen warehouse network, dedicated shuttle operations, an extensive contract carrier network, and an in-house fleet of long-haul trucks. This unique combination of services helps drive out capacity variability and control transportation costs for their customers.

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